Heart Choices Care Management
Turning Difficult Care Decisions Into Informed Choices

   How Do I Know if I Need Heart Choices Services?

  • Is your family member resistant to accepting additional assistance?
  • Are complex decisions interfering with your family or job?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all the details of increasing care needs?
  • Do you feel unable to provide the level of care your loved one deserves?
  • Are you uncertain if a behavior is due to normal aging or other factors?
  • In an emergency would your loved one know who to call?
  • Is your loved one safe and making good decisions in their environment?
  • Does your loved one fall often, leave the stove on or have frequent accidents?
  • Do you worry their caregiver may not be meeting all of their needs?
  • Do you know their end of life wishes?
  • Do you need peace of mind knowing professionals are your eyes and ears?


  Kerrville, TX



Services Provided by the Heart Choices Team

Assessment and Care Planning

Coordination of Care

Wellness Visits and Routine Phone Calls

Medication and Health Care Coordination

Hospital Discharge Planning & Assistance

Monitor Service Providers

Liaison & Communication with Family


Facilitation / Mediation of Family Meetings

Emotional and Social Support

Errand / Transportation Assistance

Assistance and Coordination of bill paying

Accompaniment to Medical Appointments

Assistance with End of Life Documents

Crisis Intervention




Home Safety Assessment

Assistance in Applying for Benefits


Transition Care

Community Resource Referral

Coordination of Therapy Services

Client Advocacy