Heart Choices Care Management
Turning Difficult Care Decisions Into Informed Choices

Q. Does insurance pay for care management services?

A. All services are provided on an hourly private pay basis. Currently, Medicare/Medicaid do not reimburse for care management.

Q. How are referrals made to Heart Choices?

A. Often older adults call on their own behalf to request services to develop relationships for future assistance. At other times referrals are made by family members, doctors, trust officers, attorneys, care facilities and hospice.

Q. What are the benefits of having Care Management services?

A. Personalized and compassionate service focusing on the clients dignity, wants and needs, safety and quality of life. 

     Accessibility to assistance .

     Continuity of care -communications are coordinated between family members, doctors, service providers & other professionals.

     Your loved one experiences improved functional status, increased independence and improved comfort.

     Cost containment - avoiding inappropriate placements, duplication of services and unnecessary hospitalizations.

     Development of a consistent long term, professional relationship.

     Heart Choices follows the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Manager's Standards and Practice and Code of Ethics.

                                 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between care management, home care or a sitter?

A.  The role of a Care Manager goes well beyond that of a private sitter  The primary job of a sitter is to assist with personal care and provide companionship.  Home health care focuses primarily on health issues and is generally short term.  By contrast, Care Managers are licensed professionals who oversee many things family members would if they were able, such as making home safety checks, guidance and support with decision making, coordination of services, accompaniment to service provider appointments and regular communication with family members.




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